What does it mean to be an investor in Success Network?

Being an investor of Success Network means contributing to the success of a unique project. Indeed, never has it been done in the media world to dedicate a TV channel to success, banking or legal worlds. Investing in Success Network will allow it to grow, to develop several other channels and widen its network of partners.

What are the investment opportunities?

We are offering 40% of the shares of the Company for sale for a total amount of USD 100 million. We expect a corporate valuation of USD 250 million.

What will be the return on investment?

“Work Hard, Play Hard”, such is our motto. By taking the chance to invest in Success Network, you let us do the “Work Hard” part and shall benefit from the “Play Hard”! Your investment will be rewarded either through dividends thanks to our advertisement and products placements, either thanks to the sale of your shares via an IPO after high valuation of the Company.

Interested in joining the adventure?

Please read the provided documents and contact us for more detailed and complete documentation.

Success Network works closely with a broad partners' network, including the following ones:


Dionysos Entertainment offers its global expertise to fulfill all audiovisual and multimedia projects, from design to commercialization via production, at the international scale, following 3 essential guidelines: Creativity, Professionalism and Entertaining. The Company will be in charge of the production of the shows for the different channels of Success Network.

Sun Center Studios

Sun Center Studios is expecting to become the “Hollywood of the West Coast”. With its site extending upon 33 acres and comprising a 4-D movie theatre, five studios, seven soundstages and a 370 square-foot high-tech museum, this Company is a priceless partner for the shootings.



“Quality and Charity” are the keywords of the new consumption pattern introduced by Farniente. Through this concept, the Company aims to promote the international solidarity and charity as a daily reality, by offering eco-friendly products of fast-moving consumer goods, such as clothing and line of accessories, drinks and cosmetics. The half of the profits will be contributed to charities.

Fine Strike SA

Fine Strike is the proud contributor and the heart of the Fine Strike Show (link). The purpose of the Company is to manage a Multilevel Brokerage Network aiming at the distribution of several products without the barrier of pyramidal sales.

Mont-Blanc Palace

Mont-Blanc Palace is a chain of five star hotels established exclusively in the most beautiful mountains in the world. The care brought to the buildings combined with the sense of service and luxury in the littlest details design the signature of this unique brand.